Artspiral Homepage


The Brief

To put it gently, the Asian American Art Centre’s existing website was a mess. The navigation was confusing and inconsistent between pages, leading to a high bounce rate. Important content was buried deep in submenus, and dynamic content hadn’t been updated in years.

The Solution

As the Arts Centre had shifted towards using social media to update its audience, I chose to design and build a responsive, mostly static site that focused on the major accomplishments in the organization’s history. I worked with the organization’s executive director to rewrite the content and designed several unique templates to fit the wide variety of content. The results of the redesign were immediate - the average pages per session and session length doubled and the bounce rate dropped from 70% to 40%.

Tiananmen exhibition image page
Tiananmen exhibition timeline page
CHINA: June 4 Exhibition


China: June 4 Exhibition

The old June 4 exhibition microsite was a single large page, linked to on the old homepage with a banner graphic. The visual similarity to an ad graphic meant that very few people ever clicked on the page - it averaged 30 hits a month. Even worse, despite the density of content, people only spent an average of 40 seconds on the whole page. I restructured the content to create a more interactive online exhibition, designed to engage viewers more meaningfully. As a result, viewers now spend about 5 minutes on average browsing the the exhibition pages.