Om Organics Canada homepage

Om Organics 

Completed in April 2020

The Brief

Om Organics was a rapidly growing brand in the Canadian skincare space, with a thriving wholesale business and a popular line of it's own skincare products. They were ready for a unique look of their own.

The Solution

As a part of Alt & Dot, I developed a new Shopify theme and design system from scratch for Om Organics in order to support Om Organic's growth.

Om product page.
Om collection.



Pages were designed to show off Om's stunning photographs and product displays, with an emphasis on displaying key ingredients and their skincare benefits.

Collections included two-tiered merchant editable filter navigation to allow customers to find products amongst Om's extensive range.

Om design system: product grid, image with headline and illustration background, image with text.
Om design system: testimonial slideshow, instagram section.

Design System

Components were carefully developed to allow for merchant editability. The design system included elements like overlapping text, images and other graphic elements, and these were all developed in a way to allow the merchant to edit the content and reuse these blocks elsewhere on the site, retaining an organic and hand-crafted feel while being easy to extend.

Om shopping cart with upsell.

Conversion Improvements

We also were able to improve conversions by implementing addtional features post launch, such as improving store loading performance through implementing lazy loaded responsive images, quick add to cart buttons and customizeable upsells in the shopping cart.