Rooted table builder, with a rendering of the currently designed table on the left and options to customize on the right.


Completed in April 2019

The Brief

Rooted wanted to provide a whole host of customization options to their customers, but Shopify has a strict 100 variant limit for each product, as well as limited capabilities for organizing such options.

The Solution

As a part of Alt & Dot, we created a custom purchasing experience that organized potential table options into logical categories. Upon selecting a table option, the viewer would generate a new image with the selected options that can be viewed from 4 angles. When a table is completed, the generated table is saved to Shopify with a unique URL, allowing customers to share and revise tables at any time.

Homepage for Rooted.

Video Description

Video demonstrating Rooted's table builder functionality. Various options for color and style are toggled on the right and the customizations are displayed on the rendering on the left. The table is viewed from several angles, includingle angle, profile, head and top. When the table is completed, a short loading screen appears before it is added to the cart as a single line item.