Product page using the Baseline theme by Switch Themes

Switch Themes 

Completed in July 2021

The Solution

Switch Themes was pursuing an ambitious rewrite of all their themes, and producing a brand new theme on top of that. I jumped in to assist with development on Baseline, their most ambitious theme to date.

I developed core components for the Baseline and Label themes, as well as provided accessibility consultation for all of Switch's themes.

Baseline theme Modern preset
Baseline theme Bold preset
Baseline theme Minimal preset


Baseline is a type-focused, brutalist style theme, with nearly infinite ways to configure. Baseline takes it to the next level with configurable options for spacing, grids and offsets, making it one of the most customizable themes in the theme store.

Hands down one of the handiest, easiest, well-coded and most versatile Themes I have worked with. The settings are rich of options, the Theme allows for a lot of customisation, and even their helpdesk is fast and friendly. 100% would recommend!

– A Shopify merchant