The Bit Factory 

ReactJS Meteor SCSS Animation

The Solution

Under Wonderkiln, I built out the new site for The Bit Factory. The project not only contains a striking public facing site, it also includes a full featured portal for admin users to manage news posts, events, users, and more.
The Bit Factory home page
The Bit Factory team page
Home and team views



The public site makes heavy use of CSS animations in order to provide visual delight to the users. CSS3 animations are powerful and flexible, and are perfect in cases where jQuery would be overkill.

The Bit Factory portal application page
The Bit Factory portal news page
Portal views

A full featured portal

The portal contains views to manage incoming applications to The Bit Factory, as a well as a variety of media types. Each form leverages the power of Meteor's simple schema package with a full set of validation rules.

The Bit Factory edit form
Edit View
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