Giftwell Homepage.

The Giftwell 

Completed in November 2018

The Solution

As a part of Alt & Dot, I built out a completely customized flow for Giftwell customers to assemble custom wedding gifts. Users can customize their box design, choose which items go in their boxes, and add an optional note. All of this is seamlessly presented as a single page app, and customers can return to any previous step to modify their selection.

Step 1: Choosing a Box.
Step 2: Fill your gifts.


Having the ability to sort potential box items is essential for customers to be able to make decisions quickly. Client side sorting and filtering allows for selections to be instantaneous, creating a frictionless shopping flow. I also added a custom image viewer to allow customers to sort through multiple product images and display nutritional information.

Step 3: Customize your box.
Review your Giftwell Box


Fitting the project within Shopify's constraints was a tricky task, but we were able to design the application in such a way that it would pull all details from the Shopify admin, allowing the client to make changes to products, variants and collections as desired.