Dripkit homepage.


Completed in November 2018

The Brief

Dripkit had a strong brand and a loyal following, but their site was built out in a way that was hard for their team to make changes to their own site, which also needed some structural changes to cope with the launch of new products.

The Solution

With Alt & Dot, we iterated on Dripkit's brand to standardize their design language, convert their theme into reuseable sections and implement new features to improve conversion.

Dripkit product page for purchasing Aguas Altas Coffee.
Dripkit Our Coffee Page.


By integrating subscription options into the same form as the regular product options, Dripkit was able to reduce friction in the shopping process and increase conversions on subscriptions. Subtle animations on key pages set Dripkit's brand apart from it's competitors.

Dripkit quiz questions and illustrated answers.

Personalized Recommendations

With the introduction of multiple coffee variations, we introduced a short quiz for customers to be able to identify which coffee would best fit their tastes, improving customer satisfaction. A quiz like this creates the potential for segmenting customers and targeted promotions to better match customer interests.